June 07, 2018


Taping at the IOM TT 2018

The IOM TT 2018 is officially underway. After a week of practice runs the racing has started with records being set both on the road and in the physio tent!

We’ve once again been lucky enough to supply Isla and her amazing team at Scott Physiotherapy with their kinesiology tape for this year’s event and we’re predicting more taping jobs than ever before.

During the 2017 TT the Scott Physio team did over 320 individual taping jobs, with more than half being the SPORTTAPE arm pump application developed by Isla and her team.  

"This system is one that I have developed and refined over the years as the TT course is unique in its ability to provoke this debilitating problem. The web-like taping that we use has been proven time and time again to be effective in preventing or moderating arm pump, allowing the competitors to handle their bikes how they need to and, most importantly, not be distracted by arm pain.”

Some of you may have seen our Instagram takeover during Day 1 of practice last week, where physio Danielle Essex gave us a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the TT. Including early morning taping jobs, tending to riders on the start line and dealing with the physiological demands of driving at 180mph,.

Already this week we’ve seen Isla and her team making adjustments to tape on the start line and dozens of riders posing with their taping job. I’m sure we’ll see many more over the course of the coming week.

Be sure to follow us and Scott Physiotherapy on twitter for a unique insight into how SPORTTAPE plays a small role in keeping these riders safe and allowing them to ride faster than ever.

May 22, 2018


Using SPORTTAPE for Blister Prevention

I recently spent a day at the Likey's outdoor store in Brecon, Wales. These guys are experts in Ultra running, trail and adventure, and have some pretty nifty uses for SPORTTAPE beyond your typical sporting injuries.

One the main uses they have for SPORTTAPE is preventing blistering during Ultra or Multi-Day adventure races. Their resident ultra expert Simon explains...

"For us, SPORTTAPE is an absolutely essential addition to any ultra runners pack. We've used it for everything from muscle strains to repairing tent poles. Our most common use though, is blister prevention"

This is a twofold approach. Firstly, by using the SPORTTAPE Achilles application, you prevent any friction between the heel cup of your shoe and the skin on your heel, which without the tape can be pretty nasty when you're racing for 24+ hours!


The second method of blister prevention is an insole wrap. Quite often, the insoles in trail and running shoes don't have particularity soft edges, especially on the inside arch. Because of this, they can cause real irritation when wearing them for long stretches of time when your feet are continually sweating, or getting soaked from wading through streams. By sticking a strip of SPORTTAPE Extra Sticky carefully over the edge of your insole, it creates a softer and more forgiving surface that your feet will thank you for a little later!


Before and after taping the insole to help prevent blistering


We'd love to hear if you've used SPORTTAPE for blister prevention or if you've used any of the techniques above!


April 18, 2018


Commonwealth Games: Inside the Athlete Village

5 weeks ago Tom and I packed our bags and headed out to Australia for our very first Commonwealth Games. A couple of weeks ago I tried to give a small insight into what life was like on our preparation camp on the Sunshine Coast, and now that we're back, I wanted to offer an insight into life at the Athlete Village!

Village life is pretty surreal. A mixture between an incredible all-inclusive resort and freshers week. As every athlete that is competing at the Games lives there during the competition you find yourself bumping into some incredible athletes from all kinds of different sports. I was lucky enough to catch up with some of the England Netball team in the food hall just after they won their semi final, and we all know what they went on to achieve the next day! 

Here's 3 of the more interesting take-aways from life in the Village.


The food is free, the vending machines offer free chilled drinks, even the haircuts are free! Whatever you need you'll probably have free access to it. Trams to the beach are free, as was venue access so you can watch your fellow athletes perform. Need a coffee? They had that covered too with on site Baristas!


Every athlete that attends the Games is given a set of Team pins to trade with others during their time at the Village. You soon realise that certain badges are more sought after; because of their design, or if the team is quite small they could be rare. Then the hunt begins! 


There was always something happening in the Village. The Games room always had a great buzz, as athletes shot pool or challenged other countries to games of Table Tennis. We were treated to fantastic dance shows right on the streets of the village, sand sculpting, and on a couple of occasions even the opportunity to pet local rescue puppies. 

It's certainly an experience I'll never forget. Bring on Birmingham 2022.


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