A Day on the SPORTTAPE Academy

April 11, 2016 2 min read

This past weekend saw our second 'SPORTTAPE ACADEMY -  Kinesiology Taping in Sport' course for 2016 take place in Windsor. I had just missed the last round of Academy courses when I started with SPORTTAPE last year, so couldn't miss the opportunity to be in attendance this year. So I jumped in the car and made the drive from Cardiff to Windsor to catch up with one of our Academy directors Patrick Harding and meet the newest group of potential taping masters.


We had a full house of 16 ranging from a huge range of professional backgrounds, physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports rehabilitators - it really goes to show that taping is not limited to one single environment. Some had experience with SPORTTAPE, others had never touched a kinesiology tape in their life.

SPORTTAPE Academy - Patrick begins on the theory of kinesiology taping

Patrick opens the course explaining current theories and the SPORTTAPE view on kinesiology taping - there are no rules, only guidelines.

It's safe to say Patrick had the group engaged from minute one. At SPORTTAPE we really believe in an open minded approach to taping and everything that Patrick teaches is based on his own clinical experience and thought process into why kinesiology taping works, and he invited everyone in the room to create their own conclusions and theories as they used the tape throughout the day.

Discussion was immediate and this lasted the entire length of the day. Bouncing ideas around, discussing the use of different types of tape and thinking about how techniques can be adapted for patients each individual was dealing with.

SPORTTAPE ACADEMY - Patrick demonstrates a shin splints lymphatic technique

Patrick demonstrates a lymphatic method for ankle swelling

The course is heavily practical, with most of the day spent practicing techniques and testing the outcomes, some of which were striking - even for me, and I've spent enough time around our tape (and with it stuck to me) to know the benefits.

SPORTTAPE ACADEMY - Ieuan's legs Fully Taped Up!

Of course I had to get involved too in both the practice of taping and, as you can see from the photo above, becoming a human canvas for others to practice. As the day went on and discussion on taping methods evolved I even saw some our our tapers go 'off piste' and practice techniques not in our course booklet - and really that's what it's all about.

All in all it was a fantastic day. I learned a lot and loved being on the other side of our SPORTTAPE ACADEMY.

If you would like to attend one of our academy courses then drop me a line - ieuan@sporttape.co.uk and I'll send on the info!

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