How To Recover From a Marathon.

April 25, 2016 2 min read

In 2016, over 200,00 people in the UK will complete a marathon.


Nearly 40,000 of these hit the road yesterday for the world famous London Marathon. The men's race was won by Eliud Kipchoge in a staggering time of 2.03.04, the second fastest time in history. Only 7 seconds outside the world record on a course that is not widely regarded as a course with world record potential. The women's race contained a similarly fantastic story with Jemima Sumgong recovering from a nasty fall with only 3 miles to run to win the race in 2:22:58.

The London Marathon is about far more than fast times though with the majority of the race made up by club runners, fun runners, charity runners and every other type of runner imaginable. For some it is a challenge that they did not know they could accomplish until the saw the finish line. For others, it is a stepping stone to even longer races! No matter what type of runner you classify yourself, you all share one thing...the need to recover following the race. 26.2 miles takes it's toll, no matter how long it takes to, recovery is key.

Here's our handy guide to recovering over the next few days following your marathon effort!


Compression for Recovery - SQUID ICE COMPRESSION

Compression clothing (think compression tights, socks and calf sleeves) stimulate blood flow and help to promote recovery. There are plenty of options out there! For maximum e effect increase the level of compression and combine with ice. Our favourite piece of equipment is Squid (, which does just that!


Marathon Recovery by SPORTTAPE #2 - SLEEP

Muscle regeneration takes place during sleep, so make sure you get enough. No matter how much you want to celebrate! We've seen a couple of interesting articles recently linking sleep and injury. Check out the links below for more information.

The Link between lack of Sleep and Injury - Graph

Healing Feet  Fatigue Science.


Marathon Recovery by SPORTTAPE Step 3 - Massage

Marathon Recovery by SPORTTAPE Step 3.5 - Foam Roller

Massage can increase circulation, release tension and speed up the break down of scar tissue following your marathon (trust us, there will be a lot of it!). If you're able to access good quality sports massage then we'd recommend taking the opportunity. For those days where you're still feeling tight, a foam roller is the perfect accessory. Try to find one that is relatively firm.

We're lucky enough to work with a lot of them around the country, so if you're struggling to find someone near you then please get in touch.


Whenever you're ready. Get those running shoes back on and look towards your next goal. Whatever it is, SPORTTAPE can help it stick.

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