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We have seen some amazing results using SPORTTAPE Flex Kinesiology Tape. It can be used to treat over 50 common sporting injuries, and we've seen great results in treating oedema and bruising too. But most often the success of an application is down to the skill of the user and the quality of the application.

To make sure you get the most from your roll of SPORTTAPE FLEX Kinesiology Tape, here are our top 5 tips for ensuring a successful kinesiology taping application.


SPORTTAPE Kinesiology Tape

SPORTTAPE Flex Extra Sticky Kinesiology Tape is designed to last a good 3-5 days through it all. We often find that we're using TAPEOFF after 5 days to take it off and give the skin a breather. To make sure you get the same longevity, start by making sure you don't touch the glue as this immediately uses up some of the adhesion that's on the tape and reduces it's sticky properties. It's hard not to touch the glue on the anchor of an application - but this is possibly the most important part as you don't want the tape peeling from the ends.

The best way to avoid touching the glue is to use the tearable backing paper to your advantage, that way you can hold onto the backing paper and still place the tape accurately.

Check out this video to learn more about application techniques and how you can avoid touching the glue!



Another tip for making sure your applications stick, and stay stuck! A good pair of scissors is the most underrated tool in the tapers kit. The scissors have to be sharp and be big enough to easily round the edges of any tape.

Poor scissors can lead to fraying when cutting the tape and this will decrease the adhesion and increase the chance of the tape catching on clothing and the alike - bringing your application off prematurely.

Of course we'd recommend our SPORTTAPE Taping Scissors - made from Japanese stainless steel they have been getting rave reviews from our professional partners!


SPORTTAPE TAPEON Kinesiology Taping Spray

If you can and are willing, we'd recommend shaving (or at least trimming) hair before applying SPORTTAPE Flex Kinesiology Tape. We've had great reviews saying that our tape is the only one that sticky to hairy legs, but we know from experience that it definitely sticks better without hair!

However, if you can't, think about using TAPEON. It's an odorless, residue free adhesive booster that will make our extra sticky tape EXTRA EXTRA STICKY, and help it stick to those tricky areas.

Taping the achilles and elbow can be particularly hard because of their narrow nature, and under the foot because you're constantly challenging the tape. TAPEON can help here too.


SPORTTAPE Kinesiology Tape

One of the best things about kinesiology taping is that if you get the application wrong, you can just take it off and start again. But once you're confident in your placement, be sure to rub the tape. The heat helps to activate the glue and really make it stick!

If you can, apply at least 30-60 minutes before exercise. This will give the tape chance to adhere to the skin properly for maximum effect, and prevent sweat and the alike affecting the adhesion in any way.

SPORTTAPE Flex Kinesiology Tape is waterproof, so feel free to swim, shower and sweat as it's going long as it's on properly!


SPORTTAPE Academy - Talk to your therapist about taping


SPORTTAPE can be used to treat over 50 common sporting injuries, but taping should be used as PART of your injury prevention and recovery strategy, not as the entire strategy itself. Be sure to get to the bottom of your injury and treat the cause.

If you're ever unsure over whether taping will help, get in touch or talk to your local expert. This could be your physio, chiropractor, osteopath or sports therapist. The main thing to remember is that taping won't harm, the worst that can happen is that it has no effect, so try it out but don't neglect things like foam rolling, stretching and strength work.

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