For the past few years we have been lucky enough to work with some of Motorsports finest physiotherapists and get feedback on our tape from some of the world best riders. Word of SPORTTAPE has spread from Superbike to Moto X and Sidecar, and everything else in between.

SPORTTAPE for Motorsport - Sidecar

With uses in treating some of motorsport's most common problems, therapists around the country have been using SPORTTAPE to help riders perform to their best more than ever before!

SPORTTAPE for MotorSport - Guy Martin taped up!

This year is no different and we're getting incredibly excited to be working with Isla of Scott Physiotherapy at the IOM TT once again this year. Isla has been doing some fantastic work with the riders and we've even created a IOM TT taping guide showcasing the best techniques for Arm Pump, Posture and Neck Pain - all of which have been seeing fantastic responses.


The arm pump application is what we get asked about the most. Here's how...

  1. Cut an <I-Strip> into a fan. Extend your arm, palm facing upwards. Anchor the fan cut strip with 0% stretch just above the elbow.
  2. Lay the tails with 0% stretch over the forearm in a wave pattern finishing an inch from the wrist
  3. Repeat the process starting from the opposite side of the arm.


Have you tried any of the above or will you be attending the TT this year?


*Photos from Isla Scott and John Mitchell Sports Therapy.