May 26, 2016


New Study Shows Positive Effects of Taping

A new Turkish study, published in the most recent edition of Medical Science Monitor has shown positive results that indicate that Kinesiology taping can be used as a complementary treatment method to achieve effective control of pregnancy-related low back pain.

A total of 65 patients with pregnancy-related low back pain were randomly allocated into either Kinesiology taping (n=33) or control (n=32) groups. The intervention group was treated with paracetamol plus Kinesiology taping, while the control group received only paracetamol. The tape was laid in the following application.

Kinesiology Taping for Lower Back Pain

For a good starting point on taping for lower back pain, check out our taping application video:

Participants were asked to rank their pain score at the start of the trail with scores across both groups registering similar numbers. By the end of the study though the taping groups pain scores had reduced significantly more than the control group though, leading researchers to conclude "the taping group was significantly superior than the control group in all outcome measures."

A full copy of the study can be downloaded from:

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