Team GB Talk Kinesiology Tape

September 27, 2016 1 min read

As you may know we were fortunate enough to meet and help train some of the TeamGB medical staffearlier this year. Often overlooked by the media it is these guys that literally hold Team GB together. Therefore we were delighted to read an article in The Telegraph today featuring the backroom staff including coaches and physio’s working with Team GBahead of this summer’s Olympic games.

Covering key areas such as mental and physical preparation as well as the importance of nutrition, however it was great to see chief physiotherapist for Team GB Caryl Becker talk about the use of alternative medicine and how kinesiology tape will be used to support the athletes.


According to Caryl,“During the Olympics it’s like a conveyor belt, with people in the clinic all the time. Treatment has to be fast but effective.” "The fact everyone is now more open to alternative medicine makes this job really interesting. At the moment there’s a fad for [taping injuries with] coloured kinesiology tape, even though there’s a lot of debate about how it works. We’re really open to ideas and something like acupuncture is now used by all of us, and has been for at least a decade."

We look forward to supporting Team GB and seeing how kinesiology taping becomes a key treatment tool for the athletes competing in the Games.



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