Footballers Blue Tape

We’ve had loads of inquiries this week asking about the blue tape that footballers have been wearing at the Euro’s… The blue tape is indeed kinesiology tape! Almost every team appears to be using kinesiology tape to help support their players through the tournament and blue is definitely the colour of choice! Kinesiology tape which is available in a variety of colours including the very popular SPORTTAPE yellow, can be used to support a variety of niggles, muscle strains and potential injury worries, perfect for footballers.

Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy tape particularly effective for relieving muscular pain and spasms. Once applied, most applications can be worn up to 5 days, providing 24/7 support the entire time it’s worn. Watch this space as later this week we will bring you a special feature on taping for common football injuries.It can be applied anywhere on the body as demonstrated by Philippe Mexes of France who is one of the few to have chosen black kinesiology tape to support his knee. Croatia’s Darijo Srna sported blue tape on his neck which can alleviate neck pain or spasms, whilst his team mate Ivan Perišić (above) opted for a left shoulder application.


In the meantime, many thanks to those of you who have sent in your UEFA Euro 2012 spots, please keep them coming.

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