March 19, 2013



We're always looking for people to put SPORTTAPE to the test in extreme conditions. So when Kukri Events got in touch seeking help for their Bangkok to Singapore bike ride we knew we'd found the perfect "sweat test".


In the more than capable hands of Team Physiotherapist Sally Orange, our request was pretty straightforward, just use SPORTTAPE however you see fit. SPORTTAPE may have been developed for kinesiology taping but its versatility means it has so many more uses.Here is Sally's feedback; I only used it once for a "physio specific kinesiology taping" related problem but it was only required for two days as symptoms then seemed to settle down. The feedback from the cyclist was that it stayed on well and he felt it helped alleviate his symptoms - I used the extra sticky tape for a VMO strain. I did however use the SPORTTAPE on a few other occasions which was extremely useful....


One time being when a cyclist got bitten by a dog, as he had an open wound and the conditions out in Asia were very dusty I was not happy for him to cycle with the wound uncovered which is where the tape came in very useful. I was able to tape a breathable dressing to his calf which kept it in place and allowed him to continue to cycle. I have no doubt that any of the other tapes I had such as zinc oxide etc would not have had enough adhesive on them to stick for the day in such hot and humid conditions when the cyclist was also sweating. Another use for SPORTTAPE was for a cyclist who had a fall and had areas of road rash over her triceps, forearm, knee. Sally_SPORTTAPEOnce again SPORTTAPE was used to secure dressings which allowed her to continue to cycle in conditions in which she would not have been able to had she not had the tape due to risk of further infections. I was able to apply large lengths of the tape to allow flexibility over the knee joint which stayed on for the duration on the day - the extra adhesive tape stayed on much better than the ordinary tape. One happy cyclist to be able to cycle the whole distance. Overall I was really impressed with SPORTTAPE and if you're looking for a tape to last the distance in hot sweaty conditions I'd definitely recommend the Xtra Sticky SPORTTAPE. If you want to check out the latest adventures with Kukri please click on this link. Hopefully this will be the first of many adventures we take with them.

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