SPORTTAPE at the X Games

July 02, 2013 2 min read

Having worked with the Canadian Snowboard team last season our lead physio (Rob Madden) managed to pull a few favours and hey presto we spent last weekend taping the best skateboarders, motocross riders & bikers in the world at the X Games in Munich. For those of you who don't know, the X Games are the biggest and most significant action sports events on the planet. So in one year SPORTTAPE has gone from the Olympics to the X Games, not a bad start! Having worked closely with Rob in the past, Jan Schroeder (from ASAS & head physio for the X Games Munich) was responsible for looking after the athletes. Jan used SPORTTAPE for a wide array of applications, with great success!


For example, Anton Thelander who won the RedBull Rookie challenge in MTB with troublesome lower back pain as well as Andreu Lacondeguy who dislocated his right middle finger and won bronze wearing SPORTTAPE. Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) - Action Follow the obligatory quote from Jan :) - "With SPORTTAPE we are stoked to have a partner who support ASAS at the Summer X Games in Munich, GER. Their product range allows us to have more variety in taping techniques to find a individual solution for each athlete's problem. SPORTTAPE fulfills the highest standards you can ask for!" Screen_Shot_2013-07-02_at_15.52.07 We were equally as chuffed to be working with Jan at the X Games. As a physio he's really intuitive and has a great knowledge of the demands placed on extreme sports athletes. He's the kind of physio that just commands respect from the athlete and the feeling is mutual, regardless of if it is the first time or the 100th time on his bench. Fortunately for us SPORTTAPE went down a storm and we spent most of the time with our jaws on the floor and our eyes propped open with Red Bull. We hope that this is the first of many X Games for SPORTTAPE and look forward to working with the team again in Los Angeles.

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