Not just for sport!

August 03, 2013 2 min read

One of the first questions we're always asked; "Is SPORTTAPE just for athletes?". Our answer, put simply is, NO. Put wisely and in the words of Bill Bowerman (founder of Nike) is, that if you have a body then you are an athlete! To give you a quick example, this week we've been Tweeted various application pics. Here are just a few.

SPORTTAPE for Whiplash

This very simple application can provide great relief from Whiplash. Just put the neck on stretch and lay the tape down with 0% tension. This particular example came courtesy of @BaselinePhysio and was to treat acute whiplash.


SPORTTAPE for Tension Headaches

Very few people are aware that SPORTTAPE can be used to treat tension headaches. Often triggered by bad posture whilst sat at a computer (we're all guilty of it) or various other factors such as stress, sunlight or even certain foods. When applied, SPORTTAPE can help to improve your posture and reduce the tension in your neck muscles which can relieve the headache. For "deskies", we'd recommend our beige tape for this application! This example is from @RestoreSportsMassage


SPORTTAPE for your pinkies!

Probably not an application that will make our guidebook and ok this is from an athlete (a seriously quick one!). However this quick-fix from the England 7's ace @Dan_Norton4Just shows that SPORTTAPE can be used to stabilise a joint and still provide flexibility whilst looking the bomb! We wish Dan the best of luck for the next round of the IRB Sevens in Hong Kong.


P.S. If you have an application you'd like to share just fire us a pic on Twitter #SPORTTAPE

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