Kinesiology tape at London 2012

August 03, 2013 2 min read

We hope you are enjoying the games as much as we are. In fact we're thinking of changing our office hours whilst the Olympics is on because it's simply too addictive! You can't fail to have noticed the amount of kinesiology tape on display. It's been worn on everyone from "Sir" Bradley Wigginsto Katrin Holtwick of Germany (wearing a SpiderTech Lymphatic below). If you're interested here are a few more on Pinterest.

Katrina Holtwick

Kinesiology tape has featured in pretty much every major tabloid from all corners of the globe including the Daily Mail and the New York Times. All of which have addressed the same topics; firstly that kinesiology tape has been widely adopted by some of the worlds greatest athletes and secondly the lack of research behind the product.

Bradley Wiggins

To be honest, neither came as a surprise to us. We know that the worlds best athletes use kinesiology tape because we've been applying it to them for several years and secondly we're fully aware of the lack of research and the reasons behind some people skepticism. Because, if the truth be told, we were one of those people when we were originally introduced to kinesiology tape a few years ago. However, that quickly changed when we started to see the clinical effectiveness of kinesiology tape and we are fully committed to discovering more about its qualities.

So many of you will be asking what's it all about?

Well, one of the key unique properties of the tape is that it is able to stretch to varying degrees over muscles. You will see a lot of athletes wearing different styles of tape over various muscles. This can help achieve the following factors in relation to optimising function and performance:
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased sensory awareness (proprioception)
  • More time before the onset of muscle aches


Want to know what an application is for? Let us know.

If you spot an particular athlete and your wondering what the application is for just let us know. We're only too happy to explain the theory behind a particular application. For example on Rachel Laybourne(below)you can see a basic shoulder application with the official Team GB Kinesiology Tape! This is a common style of technique that is often used in offloading a rotator cuff strain and therefore aiding with shoulder stability and optimising range of motion. Both essential assets for a volleyball athlete.


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