Paralympics GB get a little extra support from us!

If you have been following us on Twitter you will know that we've become slightly obsessed with the Paralymics and the #SuperHuman displays delivered to us intermittently on Channel 4 between ad breaks!


It makes us extremely proud for kinesiology tape to be worn and ultimately endorsed by ParalympicsGB. To explain why why so many athletes are using kinesiology tape and how incredible of a machine your body is please read this extract from Dr Tim Brown. The body reads the outside world through our skin. For every square inch of skin, there are more than 19,000 nerve endings (even more in certain areas like the bottom of your feet and neck) that originate from every organ and tissue in your body. Some read temperature, some read stretch, some stimulate pain and can send messages to your brain at speeds close to the speed of light.


Kinesiology tape acts like a second skin. Unlike rigid Zinc Oxide tape, it can be applied at any anatomical angle and direction. Its objective: to actually lift the skin and allow for improved circulation and lymph drainage. Over time, we have found the tape serves another important function: it can be applied, while lightly stretched over a muscle that is also held in a specifically stretched direction. The objective is to provide instant awareness of increasing stress in an injured area by improving sensory function and body awareness. The key seems to be in the kinesiology tape's ability to better connect the brain, body and nervous system to act as one, creating improved rythym and synchrony in the way muscles contract and relax during movement...which truly seems to improve human function.


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