November 04, 2013


The SPORTTAPE Tribe with Elliott Banks Browne

This week at SPORTTAPE we had the chance to catch Elliott Banks-Browne in the few spare minutes he had off his motocross bike to get an insight into what it takes to reach the peak of motocross racing, something Elliott seems to have done with ease!


Being brought up in a motocross family, Elliott was born to race and he has lived up to expectations by becoming British Champion at the young age of 22. Elliott has big expectations for his career so watch out, we could soon have a world champion in our tribe!

Because you have an engine between your legs people often underestimate the fitness and conditioning required to be an motocross rider. Can you give us an insight into your daily training regime?

I get asked a lot it can't be that tiring you have an engine doing the work, but I can tell you riding a 110kg bike around a track for 40 minutes isn't easy. My winter training starts in November and will consist of a run to start off the day followed by a gym session doing weights with my trainer or circuits. The afternoon will be swimming or a long cycle, everyday is torture but it’s the price we have to pay to be the best.


How do you prepare leading up to a big race? Any superstitions & rituals?

You know what no not really, I never prepare my goggles the night before a race I always do them just before I go out for some reason so that may be a bit but other than that I'm pretty chilled.

What's your pre race routine look like?

I’ll go check the track out have a walk around look for new lines, whilst I'm there I’ll have a energy drink with me and lots of water. I don't eat too much during the day of a race just some hi-5 energy bars. Then I go get kitted up, I tend to leave it pretty late to get ready for some reason and I'm always late getting to the line but I prefer to just get ready in my own time I guess.

At the end of an epic career how do you want to be remembered?

As a champion and a good ambassador of the sport I want to try and put as much as possible back into the sport I love and have spent my whole life doing.

We know you've used SPORTTAPE to reduce arm pump, have many riders followed in your footsteps and done the same?

Quite a few. When they saw me with this funky tape criss crossing up my arms they were like what’s that? Since then I've seen a few guys doing the same so that’s pretty cool and it sure does work we just need some diagrams for everyone to use to know how to apply it properly.


Are there any other SPORTTAPE applications that you use as a motocross rider?

SPORTTAPE works for everything even taping my hands up to stop blisters before a race, it’s the only tape I've ever used that will stay on all race. It’s so sticky and easy to apply as its stretchy, I tape my hands up with it every race, I couldn't live without my SPORTTAPE now I love it. Keep an eye out for Elliott on his Twitter @Ebanksbrowne and his Facebook to see where in the world he is racing to his limits, you will be very impressed and jealous of some of the amazing pictures he puts up!

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