Kinesiology Tape at The South Africa 7's

If you managed to catch any of the South Africa 7’s this past weekend I am sure you will have noticed a number of the players wearing kinesiology tape.


Kinesiology tape is an essential part of a physio’s kitbag in 7’s due to the nature of the competition, playing a number of games over a weekend causes fatigue which can then lead to injuries, as we found out after speaking to Dan Jones during our ‘Talking Tape" feature last week.


As you can see this player is using kinesiology tape on his right quad, the elasticity of the tape aids the player’s fatigued muscle, which will allow him to get through his game and reduce the risk of injury. If you are suffering with muscle fatigue, have a quick look at SPORTTAPETV and you will be back on the pitch in no time!


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