December 13, 2013


FLEX KIT - The design process...

New product development almost always starts easy and gets harder. You start with endless possibilities and ambitions, then reality (time, manufacturing capabilities & budget) smacks you in the face and (if you're a small business) you're left with the two most important ingredients: passion and the drive to produce a product that represents you.

Make things simple

The SPORTTAPE FLEX KIT was born from the idea to make taping simple, affordable and help introduce everyone to its benefits. Did you know people are scared of the roll and fearful of the tape? We didn't until the insightful Rose-Innes Designs crept into the minds of our potential customers. We also discovered that very few people know what kinesiology tape is, let alone know how pronounce it! The final hurdle was the perception that kinesiology taping is a skill solely for a trained physician. Insight-Image-Blog

Knowledge is power

One of the real beauties about using SPORTTAPE FLEX is that you can get great results from simple applications. Now obviously we'd always recommend seeing an expert if you're experiencing prolonged pain or a serious injury but for little niggles it can be a great solution. Taping isn't something to be scared of, however a lack of knowledge can cause fear. So we've done our best to eliminate fear by creating 20+application videos and a simple user guide. We also decided to pre-cut our tape (so no cutting is required) and offer it all in one simple package.

The Design

We wanted something instantly recognisable and interesting, that would stand out on shelf without looking like another "medical product" or a "sporting ninja". Believe me we've seen a lot of very bland shelves in the last few months. Luke Richards from Sanders Design really nailed the brief and the introduction of a window to show the colors (Blue, Pink, Black & Union Jack), white packaging and an athlete shot really give the pack shelf appeal. Whilst our in-house designer Rhys put the finishing touches to the pack and created the user guide. SPORTTAPE-FLEX-KIT-BLUE-

The END result is just the start...

We believe we've delivered a product that is affordable (under £5.00!), effective and will encourage more people to give SPORTTAPE FLEX a try. We're now working our proverbial off  to get it stocked across the UK, but it's not easy. Shelf space is a rare commodity and one that rightly retailers make you fight tooth and nail for. We hope to see SPORTTAPE FLEX lining the shelves of your local retailer soon (Already being listed by several retailers in the N.Y) but if you could give them a gentle nudge or tweet next time you're in store that would be appreciated! MultiPack SPORTTAPE FLEX P.S If you have any questions or are interested in stocking the SPORTTAPE FLEX KIT in your store, clinic or box just get in touch! We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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