The SPORTTAPE Tribe With Gino Rea

January 21, 2014 2 min read

Here at SPORTTAPE we are fortunate enough to work with some of the best athletes in the business! This week we were lucky enough to catch 5 minutes with Gino Rea in his down time as he prepares himself for the upcoming Moto GP 2 season.

The Moto2 season is very demanding on your body, what do you find beneficial in making sure you are fully fit for each race?

I think there a number of different fitness aspects that are needed for racing motorcycles at a high level. All of the hard training to build the fitness up is done in the off season, which for me is right now! Once the season starts, it’s just about maintaining that fitness and being mentally prepared when you arrive to each race. 1512735_10152119743057072_1259644289_n

With the demands of being a professional motor bike racer what does your fitness programme consist of?

I can’t give it all away! But I like to do many different aspects of training, from motocross, road cycling, strength and conditioning, running, etc.

As a user of SPORTTAPE what is it about the tape that you like?

For me it’s about the quality of the product and it just does everything that kinesiology tape should do. I like the way it sticks to the skin, even after sweating lots.

gino rea kinesiology tape

You have recently launched your own business Gino Rea Coffee, how do you manage that alongside your racing career?

It’s difficult to manage alongside my racing, but luckily it is run form home so when I’m not there I have someone who can fill in. I have always loved coffee and I believe in the quality of the coffee I am selling so it’s great for me. It’s nice to be able to give consumers a cheaper alternative to Nespresso capsules whilst keeping the high quality coffee. You can check it out at

What hints and tips would you give to any young rider aiming to be as successful as yourself?

One thing I always say is to never give up on your dreams. Never take anything for granted and work hard. Hard work pays off; you get out what you put in.

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