Post SOCHI with Alison Robb

March 07, 2014 1 min read

If you could explain your SOCHI adventure in 3 words what would they be?

Sunny, emotional & camaraderie.

What were the highs and what were the lows (if any!)?

Highs;definitely Jenny winning bronze which was just brilliant , the buzz that slopestyle added into the games was a definite high point, and 5 of our team getting into finals was really exciting! Lows; Rowan crashing in half-pipe training and not being able to compete... very disappointing for her.
Alison Rob with Jenny Jones

Thank you for the pics! It looks like SPORTTAPE was used extensively. Any stories / apps you'd like to share?

Yes, SPORTTAPE was used a lot! Jamie Nicholls suffered a whiplash type injury during training on the rails, and his anterior neck muscles- more specifically sternocleidomastoid was strained, both sides, so we experimented with taping both clavicular and sternal heads bilaterally, and it worked really well! Along with other treatment, it allowed him to train the next day and compete the next again, coming 6th in the finals! Great result.

Finally, what does 2014 have in store for you?

Chilling at home for a bit and giving my clients here a bit of attention! Looking forward to a good end of season, and with so much snow up here in Scotland we're hoping to get some of the team up to" shred" on home turf!
P.S If you're in our around Nethy Bridge and are looking for a physio please click here for Alison's clinic details.

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