Taping for Cricket

After the dismal showing of the England cricket team during the Ashes over the festive period, all eyes soon turned to the upcoming T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. With the main news in the build up to the tournament being about the sacking of Kevin Pietersen, the England T20 squad will of been able to prepare with little media coverage and hopefully allow them to bring home the World Cup!


With England's first game tomorrow against New Zealand, we will all hope that the team can begin their trophy hunt with a strong performance and a big win! Now we are slowly beginning to see the signs of summer here in the UK and with the World Cup being on, I am sure you will all be looking to brush off the dust from your pads and bat and get out and hit a few balls to the boundary (or try to in our case!). There's nothing worse for a batsmen than to get a ball rocketing at you at 60mph and for it to hit your leg, instant bruise! Have no fear, here at SPORTTAPE we have tried our best to cover every hurdle that may arise when playing sport and we have made a quick and easy application to help reduce any bruising you may get from the stray ball to the thigh!

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