May 09, 2014 1 min read

Sometimes, an in-house graphic designer like myself needs more than four walls and a game of ping-pong for design inspiration! So this week I headed on down to Yoke Creative for a design frenzy with their resident creator, Hannah. In case you're not aware of  Yoke, they're responsible for our brilliant application videos. Working alongside other creative people gave me an opportunity to bounce ideas off them for a new project that we plan to launch later this year. I definitely felt it helped me understand other people’s ideas and opinions in the design process. Yoke Creative I can’t say much about the secret SPORTTAPE project we were working on, but I felt that my time at Yoke Creative was well spent. The visit led to a range of different ideas being developed and inspired me to create even more. This experience also gave me the chance to work in a design environment, which I very much enjoyed, and I can’t wait to go again (No offense Adam, Carl & K-A)! If you are reading this and want to feedback on my designs or share some ideas just fire me an email on

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