Jeers not cheers

Last weekend Carl managed to squeeze his way into Wembley but what did he make of the biggest fight ever to ever be held on these shores....

Fortunately I was one of the 80k+ to be at the greatest fight in British boxing history however size can't compensate for substance. The enormity of the event and the skill of the fighters was unquestionable and whatever qualms one might have about boxing , it is hard to deny the primal fascination of a one-punch stoppage.

The lasting impression for me wasn't that punch but the ambivalent attitude shown by the crowd to everyone. It seemed like the vast majority of the crowd didn't really like anyone. Whoever appeared on the big screen was greeted with jeers , not applause, adulation or encouragement but pure animosity. This went for Groves, Froch, Rooney and any other celebrity who was present.


Yes, Froch is easy to criticise. He appears slow, holds his hands low, gets hit a lot and often looks flat-footed and badly coordinated. In fact you could easily have lost a lot of money betting against Froch over the years!

But possbily that's his greatest strength, an unpredictable nature and a granite chin. As for Groves, we may have talked a better fight than the one he delivered but he's one of the greatest prospects in British boxing, combing a blend of intelligence, speed and strength. Perhaps it was the impartial crowd or the fact that people were there for the show rather than the sport? Either-way it left me feeling empty.

Roll on the world cup! Lets get some pride back and learn to appreciate the dedication it takes to be a world champion regardless of who is playing.

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