Quick Trip To Poland..

June 24, 2014 2 min read

Over the past 10 days Adam has had the chance to get away from SPORTTAPE HQ and travel to Poland with the Great Britain Sitting Volleyball team for the World Championships as head therapist, here is how it went..

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that less than one year after completing my degree would I have the opportunity of travelling to a World Championships with Great Britain as their team therapist, but I did and I wanted to grasp the opportunity with both hands!

When we landed in Poland I realised just how much I had taken this Championships for granted. I was expecting a nice week away with plenty of down time and little pressure, I was massively wrong this was going to be an intense week. I always knew that going to the World Championships as a recent graduate I was going to be thrown in the deep end, and this was proved when I was told by the Head Coach that it was my call on all injuries if a player could play or not, this pressure was intensified as we were only travelling with a small squad due to other commitments.

The first game was against the USA, the second best team in the world and straight away I had the buzz for this kind of intensity and pressure, the music was bouncing in the arena and I had to get the team as well prepared as I could, which included any taping (Plenty of SPORTTAPE of course)and warm ups.

The week in general was tough both on and off court, but it is without doubt the best and most memorable experience of my short career so far and hopefully I impressed enough that I will be involved in more competitions as the preparation for the Rio 2016 Paralympics intensifies.

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