Tape Spotting at the 2014 Football World Cup

With the 2014 Football World Cup in full swing and the group games coming to a close (lets not talk about England). There has been plenty of kinesiology tape on show! Some say kinesiology tape isn't a performance enhancer. But as you can see, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal the current World Player of the Year and Tim Cahill of Australia, who may of scored the best ever goal at a World Cup both wear kinesiology tape. Coincidence?! You decide!

The application you see on Cristiano Ronaldo is just a small I strip across his patella tendon, the reason for this is he may be suffering with tendonitis around the patella which is common in those playing a lot of sport, hardly suprising considering he is very much part of a one man team at this World Cup!

Tim Cahill has an I strip running down his hamstring, this is one of the most common applications especially in football due to the manner of the sport. Kinesiology taping is a handy addition to any physio's kit bag for tournaments due to the continued strain the players are under for long periods of time.

Should you see any kinesiology tape on show at the World Cup and you're interested to know how it works or how to apply it check out our application guides here

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