SPORTTAPE Hits The Heights (On Bikes!)

July 08, 2014 2 min read

They say time flies when your having fun, this must of certainly been the case for Rhys and I. It only felt like yesterday that we were walking into SPORTTAPE HQ ready to start our new job. One year down the line and not only do we now know everything kinesiology tape related, but we are also self proclaimed Table Tennis Double's Professionals.

With Kate-Anne and Carl putting up with us for a whole year, and Rhys and I settling in well we thought it was only right to go and celebrate the 1 year work anniversary, with a day of Downhill Biking! (Not one for the faint hearted).

Personally, I think this was Kate-Anne and Carl's way of getting back at us for being so dominant at Table Tennis over the year and their opportunity to get one up on us. Rhys had never done mountain biking in his life and my only time being as a young lad.  A text from Rhys' girlfriend summed it up to a tee - 'Please don't die'! You will be glad to know that neither of us got hurt in anyway, but we certainly got taught a lesson in firstly how to get up a very long and tiring hill, and then to race down it as quickly as possible with minimum use of the brakes. 

Deciding to go mountain biking at Bike Park Wales on the wettest day in weeks probably wasn't the wisest idea but it was worth every splatter of mud to the eye as we raced down after the horrible climb (Something Rhys and I certainly need to work on). I have no idea how we all think it's great fun to race down hills as fast possible, coming close to falling off every 5 seconds, but when we all got to the bottom there was a buzz to get back to the top and do it all again! Also, if there are budding mountain bikers out there who are reading this and hate getting mud in their face when riding, speak to Rhys, he was able to do a full day and not get a speck of mud on his face!

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