Germany v Argentina Who Will it Be!

July 11, 2014 1 min read

This weekend brings the end to one of the most talked about football World Cups in a long time! From the highs of some of the greatest goals in World Cup History, to the lows of the Luis Suarez biting incident which we seemed to find the perfect SPORTTAPE application for. 

The final has come down to Argentina and Germany, can the one man team of Argentina defeat the well oiled machine that is Germany, many would think it is unlikely! The Argentinians must of been left quaking in their boots after seeing the Germans crush Brazil 7-1 on the eve of their own semi-final, where they scraped past Holland on penalties. If Lionel Messi gets any time and space then Argentina are in with a shout. The only other option is that they order in a large amount of SPORTTAPE and tape up the goal!

For any of you that have taken inspiration from the World Cup and fancy dusting off the boots which have been sat under the stairs since you stopped from a niggly injury. Check out the SPORTTAPE Football Taping Guide. 

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