July 17, 2014



With The Open starting today, many of you will be in full swing (excuse the pun) with your golf season already. Plenty of time on the driving range and on the practice courses can be too much for the body if it is not trained to cope with this much intensity. Golfers Elbow is often a problem associated with golfers due to the excessive stress around the elbow joint from the swinging of a club. Luckily for you, if you have this injury, it can be managed well using SPORTTAPE.

Give this application a try and hopefully it will reduce the pain, if problems do persist please do seek attention from a medical professional.


  • Measure the tape from just above the elbow to the wrist
  • Prepare a Y-Strip
  • Rip the ends of the Y-Strip
  • Cut the tape if necessary (don't forget to round the edges!)
  • Extend (bend the wrist) upwards. This puts the forearm on stretch.
  • Lay the base with 0% stretch


  • Run the tails of the Y-Strip down the either-side of the forearm with 0% stretch
  • Anchor the ends with 0% stretch
  • Repeat with second tail


  • Extend wrist to normal position
  • Prepare short I-Strip by using the Centre Technique and removing the backing paper
  • Stretch the tape to 50% and apply on point of pain
  • Lay the anchors with 0% stretch
  • Finish by rubbing the glue to activate the adhesion

That's it! Then just wait 30mins to an hour before exercise. SPORTTAPE FLEX can be worn for up to 7 days (through multiple washes & swims) however we'd always recommend reapplying or removing after 3 days for maximum effect.


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