Kinesiology Tape Spotting at the Commonwealth Games

July 30, 2014 1 min read

The 2014 Commonwealth Games is another excuse for us to sit back, enjoy plenty of sport and keep our eyes peeled for any kinesiology taping spots.

Did you spot who was using kinesiology tape this weekend in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games? 

New Zealander, Joe Webber was wearing kinesiology tape to support his knee. If you’d like to try doing this yourself then check out our video for a simple guide to apply kinesiology tape for anterior knee pain.

If the pros are doing it then why shouldn’t you. You never know, one quick taping application and you could be on the field with these guys rather than watching on your sofa at home!

It wasn't only in the rugby that we spotted some kinesiology tape. The Malaysian badminton team were spotted celebrating their victory over England with a little help from kinesiology tape.

Did you spot them?! Can you see the player celebrating in the huddle wearing purple kinesiology tape to support her hamstringand the player in the middle of the picture wearing kinesiology tape to relieve calf pain.

If you think these are the sort of applications you need to improve on court, our application videos will be able to help you in no time at all!

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