3 Months In and Still Going Strong!

October 09, 2014 2 min read

We are often asked who are the team behind SPORTTAPE. So this week Mike, our newest member of the SPORTTAPE team has given an insight into the sort of work he gets up to! It's safe to say there is the odd lie in there (Ping Pong related) but we will let him off! I can also promise that all of the below has come from Mike even if it may seem too kind (Think he wants a pay rise!)

So it’s been 2 months, 3 weeks since I started out here at SPORTTAPE and I am still going strong. I have to admit that I've loved every minute working for the company and becoming fully involved with the ongoing operations here.

The past few months have been pretty tough due to our company constantly expanding which makes us even busier each day but I have had my two mentors; Kate-Anne and Carl to constantly guide me and give me their wisdom.

Although it has been pretty tough it’s been an exciting journey so far that has opened up new avenues for me and leading me to new experiences. Plus the top banter that me and my colleague Adam bring cheers everyone up on that Monday morning!

One of the biggest moments for me whilst at SPORTTAPE has been my complete domination in the game of Ping Pong. I was that confident in myself with these developing skills that we decided on a tournament that would either make me the tea boy for the next month or the new owner of the company if I could beat 2 of my 4 opponents! Easy to say I lost all 5 games and was crowned tea boy, who the guys will tell you I’m not very good at.

Whilst I have been here at SPORTTAPE over the past few months I think I have worked in every role possible, may this be stocking shelves, making sales or completing market research.

One of my newest roles is to start exploring the retailer market and organising meetings with local retailers to purpose stocking our products in their stores. This has become a great new experience for me and helped develop my skills within the business sector but most importantly allowed me to gain new clients to work with.

Apart from my other roles, I have been able to express my Strength & Conditioning interest and knowledge whilst working at SPORTTAPE. This has been accomplished by allowing me the opportunity to create and publish my own S+C programs and blogs under the SPORTTAPE brand, which has opened up new pathways and contact at my disposal.     

Over the last month I have recently started a S+C placement with Newport Dragons which has pushed into the next step of going forward with my strength and conditioning future.

I have currently been working with the U16 squad and will continue to for another 6 weeks to prep them for their U18 selection. This has involved me in assisting and leading with S+C sessions, producing and discussing periodisation plans, working on improving the teams/ individuals physical performance and ensure that the correct biomechanics are set in place for them to develop safely.

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