November 21, 2014


Here Come The Islanders!

This weekend England and Wales play host to Samoa and New Zealand respectively. The two giants from the Southern Hemisphere will provide a big test for the home nations.

With both of the home nations struggling this Autumn the challenge of getting the scalp of a Southern Hemisphere team is proving to be a tough task! England will be looking to curve there bad form and get a solid win against a Samoan team that on paper, England should beat well. Wales vs. New Zealand is a different story completely. Many are saying the current New Zealand team is one of the best ever, but with it being their final game of the season there will be many heavy legs out on the field on Saturday, this could be Wales' chance to get a result they have been chasing for over 60 years.

It's definitely safe to say that both England and Wales squads will be needing a good week of rest and recovery after this weekend! I wonder if any of them will be checking out our rugby kinesiology taping guide to help patch up any niggles!


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