May 08, 2015


England Netball Vs Trinidad & Tobago VIP Night

Many people ask us why we started SPORTTAPE and what do we class as a big achievement for the business. For us, it's not all about sales (Even though it does help!) but more so the enjoyment we get from seeing athletes of all levels using SPORTTAPE and it allowing them to continue playing the sport they love!

One of our sponsored teams England Netball invited us to the Uni of Bath to watch them take on Trinidad & Tobago in the first of a three match series. An opportunity we were never going to refuse!

It was the first time we had been able to see the girls in action, and they certainly impressed! They made the whole game seem so effortless and they could of scored in their sleep if they wanted. The team ran out 65-42 winners, the perfect start for new coach Tracey Neville, who's son Phil Neville was sat next to us in the crowd, so we are sure you will have seen our mugs on Sky Sports!

As ever, we are delighted to continue our sponsorship with the squad and wish them all the best for the rest of the series and the upcoming World Cup!


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