SPORTTAPE Across Europe

Big things are happening for SPORTTAPE across Europe right now!
We're proud to annouce that Sporttape TN is now the official supplier to both Sportif Sfaxien, who are currently top of the Tunisian Football League, and the Tunisian National Women's Volleyball Team! Two very big draws for SPORTTAPE in Tunisia!
SPORTTAPE TN has also been working very closely with Arena Gym to educate and train their staff and clients on the benefits and uses of kinesiology tape.
Head over to facebook to keep up with all the latest SPORTTAPE TN news!
The SPORTTAPE ACADEMY courses are aimed at physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists and doctors wishing to gain knowledge and a skill base in the application of kinesiology taping method. But did you know that the ACADEMY is not just limited to the UK and that we have run SPORTTAPE courses across Poland, France and Denmark since 2014.
SPORTTAPE Poland ran their most recent course this past weekend in Krakow and it was another resounding success. Check our their facebook page for update from SPORTTAPE POLSKA!
If you're interested in taking part in one of our SPORTTAPE ACADEMY courses then head over to our website and sign up!
Our most recent partnership takes us into Slovenia! We have no doubt that SPORTTAPE will be the absolute go-to for kinesiology tape in Slovenia before we know it. Head over to facebook and give SPORTTAPE SLOVENSKO a like!

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