Behind The Scenes: Ieuan's American Training Camp

April 07, 2017 2 min read

Hey everyone! Ieuan here. For anyone that doesn't know me, I'm the Marketing Manager here at SPORTTAPE, and one of the guys that you'll get on the other end of the phone if you ever give the office a call!

I recently made my way to the USA for an altitude training camp with the goal of attaining the Commonwealth Games Qualification time at a race in beautiful Palo Alto, California at the end of the camp. Hard life eh?

Training camps aren't quite the holiday they might seem. In fact at times they can be pretty monotonous. When the whole purpose of a trip is to train and prepare for a specific race an awful lot of the time is spent resting, prepping for the next workout, there's not much time to be a typical tourist as that takes energy that may be needed for the next session or race.

Being a steeplechaser I go through a lot of SPORTTAPE at this time of year! The body takes quite a beating when asking it to hurdle, the hip flexor muscles especially due to the lifting and swinging motion of the leg. It's not a natural movement, and as many of you will know, anytime you ask the body to do something it's not necessarily used to there are some complaints and niggles!

Hip Flexor Taping

Here's one of my most used taping techniques. I taped up twice during training camp to help the body recover a little and give some dynamic support during and after the tough hurdle workouts (taking each application off after about 5 days - even then it wasn't easy). This is an application of 2 muscle techniques using 2 x I strips each running the length of a muscle that tends to tighten up on a lot after I hurdle - Illiacus and Psoas. In order to tape these I use a basic muscle technique of laying the anchors at 0 stretch, placing the muscle into stretch and laying the tape down before anchoring again at 0 stretch.

The other main taping technique I'll use a lot is the split calf/achilles technique using a Y strip that achors at the heel, stretches across the achilles and then continues through both sides of gastrocnemius. Running in spikes takes it's toll on the calf and achilles due the extra depth that the heel must drop. I tend to find that this application allows me to get a little more out of sessions if I'm feeling fatigued.

Achilles/Calf Taping

All-in-all the trip was a resounding success. Folllowing my training camp I was indeed able to go under the 'A' standard for next year's Commonwealth Games. this by no means guarantees my selection on the team but certainly puts me in good stead.

All that is left now is for Tom to run the 1500m time and SPORTTAPE could very well be heading to Gold Coast this time next year.


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