Bateson Goes for Gold.

Today marks the start of the World Indoor Netball Championships in Wellington, New Zealand. Faye Bateson, 18, is there to represent England U21's. Indoor Netball is a different game to what we see in traditional Netball, and as a proud sponsor of England Netball our interest has been peaked!

We caught up with Faye just before she jetted off to New Zealand to find out a little more about Indoor Netball, or NETS as it is often known!

So What is Indoor Netball?

Indoor netball is slightly different and faster version of Netball. There are actually two different variations of the sport, Super 6’s and Super 7’s. The court is surrounded by a large high tension net which the ball can be bounced off, much like a squash court, meaning there is no such thing as out-of-bounds! This is where the name NETS comes from! This makes for an incredibly fast-paced game, and adds a new element of strategy to your passing play!

There are two different variations of the sport, Super 6’s and Super 7’s.

Unlike traditional Netball where 7 players are on the court, Super 6's only allows 6 players to each team! The court is split into half’s instead of thirds too with players allowed in different zones, and the possibility of shooting outside of the circle for a 2 point shot!

Super 7's maintains the normal rules and regulations of Traditional Netball but adds in the high tension nets!

This will be Faye’s second tour after flying with the England U18's team to Brisbane, Australia to take part in the NETS World Series. The team came back with gold in the super 6’s competition! This was the first ever English gold medal won in the sport. The England ladies will be hoping to capitalise on this success this time around and bring home another world title. They will be taking on Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for the title!

The NETS World Championships takes place from the 20th to the 27th of August. All the matches will be streamed online at or keep up to date via Twitter through Faye herself @FayeB12 or @Indoornetball via the #engnets.

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