Commonwealth Games Prep Camp

March 24, 2018 2 min read

Tom and I have both previously written blogs on life inside training camp - living as a full time athlete for a week or two. This time feels a little different though, this time we’re preparing for something specific, something special...The Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games come around every 4 years, and are the biggest multi sport event outside of the Olympics. So it feels like quite a big deal to be here preparing for what is easily the biggest race of our lives, especially given that it’s taking place on the other side of the world.

Most days follow the same routine of training, resting as much as possible and then (sometimes) training again. With a mixture of some fantastic cafe eating and far too much time on social media. 

It’s been a fantastic camp so far though, everything going pretty much as planned and training is moving in the right direction! Given we’re in Australia though the fact that neither of us has spotted a single snake yet is pretty surprising! Although the Kangaroos are often in hand at the track to offer a little extra support!

Ieuan has also been using SPORTTAPE to great effect to help relieve some lower back stiffness he was getting because of the long flight. One of the many techniques taught on our SPORTTAPE Academy courses!

We’ll update again before we head into the athletes village! We’re keeping up on social media so keep on sending in your SPORTTAPE pictures and tagging @SPORTTAPE. Seeing what’s going on back home helps move the days through a little quicker!

If you have any questions for the guys about life on camp or about how they are using SPORTTAPE as part of their prep then get in touch and we’ll fire them on!

Ieuan & Tom

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