Do I need to be a Physio to attend a SPORTTAPE Academy Course?

September 26, 2017 1 min read

To launch our new series of blogs we are starting with a common question surrounding our SPORTTAPE Academy taping courses - do I need to be a physio to attend a course?

Our taping course are primarily aimed at educating those working in the medical field - physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports doctors, massage therapists and students in these fields. However, we do not put a restriction on our courses that you must work in one of these fields to attend, we simply ask that you have a strong working understanding of human anatomy and physiological terms, and a need to provide taping services. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for irregular tapers as much of our courses is about teaching clinical reasoning, providing therapists with the skills necessary to adapt various taping techniques to other areas of the body and other injuries. We often discuss specific injuries and when taping may or may not be suitable rather than just teaching a paint-by-numbers approach.

We are running our very first taping and strapping seminar next week and hope to roll this out to all corners of the country next year with seminars on Kinesiology Taping too, designed specifically for the self-taper.

If you are unsure over whether a SPORTTAPE Academy course is suitable for you then please get in touch anytime and we’d be happy to talk everything through with you.

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