Don't Forgot The Essentials This Winter: Recovery Guides

December 15, 2016 1 min read

With the cold weather and darkness in the winter it's far too easy to forget about the essentials when you're exercising. Warming up, dynamic mobility and cool downs all get forgotten or cut short in an attempt to spend as little time as possible in the dark and cold. With this comes a great risk of injury or re-injury.

It's important to remember the small things when returning from injury. We've got recovery guides for all kinds of muscle injuries to help you stay focused on your recovery. The most important part of returning to sport is making sure you don't re-injure the area again. These guides are designed to help keep you in the game, and each area of the guide plays it's part.

Check out the full range of guides here: RECOVERY GUIDES

SPORTTAPE Calf Injury Recovery Guide - It's More Than Just Taping


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