Our latest signings - EAB & Sock tape

January 18, 2019 1 min read

In our quest to become THE hub of sports tapes we're always looking to expand our range. However, this is easier said than done, our standards are high, very high, think Jonny Wilkinson standards of perfection.

So when you told us you'd like to see an EAB and a sock tape in our range we jumped at the opportunity. Now, 6 months and thousands of meters of tape later, here we are.  


EAB has been around since sports strapping began and has stood the test of time. A firm favourite in rugby it is mainly used for shoulder strapping, as an over-wrap for Zinc Oxide taping applications or to hold lifting blocks in place.
Our EAB uses a premium woven cotton cloth that is latex-free. This means greater tensile strength, improved comfort and increased breathability - it won't let you down.


Sock tape is an extremely versatile tape, it can be used for everything from holding up socks to securing Cohesive and EAB applications, especially around the legs and head when playing rugby.
It can even be used to secure grips on hockey sticks or tennis rackets. It can quickly be manipulated around a sock or ankle, with extra stretch within the tape to allow for muscle expansion when playing sport.

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