Introducing Kieran!

A new year comes with the addition of two fantastic new members to the SPORTTAPE team!

We begin by introducing intern Kieran Wood. Kieran has joined to build a knowledge of what makes a business tick, and to develop a wide array of skills to run alongside his degree.

Kieran Wood

Hello! My name is Kieran, and I am currently undergoing a work placement here at SPORTTAPE. I couldn't be more excited for the next few months, and here is a little bit about myself.

Like Tom and Ieuan, I am an International Middle Distance runner, having represented England and Great Britain, winning 3 national junior titles along the way. 

I am currently studying Sport and Exercise Science (SES) at Cardiff Metropolitan University, half way through my second year. Being on an SES degree program, I am concerned primarily with optimising performance and health through sport. My personal interests lie primarily in ergogenic aids, and in sport psychology.

SPORTTAPE and Squid Compression, are both products I have used in my own career to help with recovery and injuries, and with the head office being on my doorstep, this was far too good an opportunity to pass up. I am very keen to learn about the day to day running of a business dealing in sport, and to also develop my knowledge of my subject area, as I look towards graduation next year. 

I wish you the absolute best in 2017, and look forward to working alongside you all.


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