August 23, 2017 1 min read

You may have recently seen a string of posts announcing new course dates and locations for our SPORTTAPE Academy, and today we announced yet another location...Dublin! This will be the first time we have taken the SPORTTAPE Academy to Ireland and we are incredibly excited to do so, especially since we will be teaching our Combined taping course.

Our Combined Taping course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to use traditional tapes (Zinc Oxide, EAB) in their treatment or as part of their team setup. The morning session will cover the main traditional taping applications as well as recapping some basic k taping applications before bringing both together in the afternoon to show how they can be used in conjunction for maximum efficacy. It is truly a varied and insightful course.
It also offers 7 hours CPD for any therapists looking to top up and add new skills to their repertoire.
Other course dates and locations (all courses offer 7 hours CPD unless otherwise specified):

Cardiff - 27th September - Taping & Strapping for team sports (3 hours seminar)
Maidstone - 30th September - Kinesiology Taping in Sport
London - 1st October - Traditional and Combined Taping
Congleton - 4th November - Kinesiology Taping in Sport
Dublin - 11th November - Traditional and Combined Taping
Nottingham - 25th November - Kinesiology Taping in Sport
London - 2nd December - Kinesiology Taping in Sport

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