SPORTTAPE Academy: A Weekend of Learning

October 03, 2017 2 min read

This past week has been the busiest in the history of the SPORTTAPE Academy. Starting with our first ever Taping and Strapping seminar on Wednesday evening we then hit the weekend hard with 2 courses over 2 days led by the incredible Patrick Harding.

Our Kinesiology Taping in Sport course is our original Academy course, and although it has undergone many tweaks and changes over the years as we learn more and adapt, the core concepts remain the same - teaching clinical reasoning and the taping skills necessary to use Kinesiology tape in clinical practice. Drawing upon his extensive experience Patrick worked through many different applications, challenging attendees to think about how they could use these in various scenarios - this isn't a paint-by-numbers approach!


Innovation in taping - Plantar Fascia + AchillesLymphatic Taping - Ankle Swelling

Innovation in taping - Combined achilles and plantar fascia, plus ankle swelling


Then on Sunday we were incredibly excited to run our newest course - Combined Taping in Sport. The perfect follow-on from any Kinesiology Taping course this day is all about how you can use rigid tapes alongside kinesiology tapes for maximum efficacy. Think of it as our level 2.

This course always brings out the best in attendees and Sunday was no different! We saw some incredible innovation taking place, thinking outside of the typical taping box as Patrick ran through a variety of scenarios designed to test knowledge and build taping confidence. Check out some of the applications below:

Combined Taping in Sport - Zinc Oxide + Flex Tape


Here's what some of the attendees said about our courses:

"Genuinely I cannot give any negative comments here, Patrick made the course very interesting and I couldn't really ask for anymore from a course like this. He was very knowledgeable and made sure we had an opportunity to discuss our own clinical experiences and where these taping techniques could be applied."

"I really enjoyed the course, in particular the taping booklet. Well laid out and easy to read."
"Patrick was great. Relaxed, easy to approach and they way in which he teaches is perfect.....leaves no reason to ask further questions."
We have a few courses left to run this year, with our next Combined Taping course taking place in Belfast next month. Join us! For more info check out

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