SPORTTAPE Flex Tape As A Prevention Method

SPORTTAPE FLEX can be used in a multitude of ways; from kinesiology taping methods to providing sensory support. Every day we see the results of SPORTTAPE FLEX, from strengthening joints, to reducing swelling.

There is also another way that SPORTTAPE is regularly used; as a preventative measure. This is a very common and important side to kinesiology tape, and one that's worth thinking about.

As athlete's in the office ourselves, a good 90% of the time, we apply the tape to ensure lymphatic drainage is at it's best, and that blood flow is as efficient as it can be. Having the Oxygen travelling to the areas which we put most strain on is key to ensuring that injuries are kept at bay.

Furthermore, depending on how the tape is applied, it is thought to activate stretch receptors in the soft tissue which feedback to our higher brain centres. This positively influences the control of muscle tension by activating muscle spindles. This in turn improves our ability to flex and respond to the stresses and strains of increased activity,  improving our muscular endurance.

Finally, SPORTTAPE strengthens your joints, which can potentially reduce the magnitude of the damage done if you do have an accident. For us, we use it on our ankles to strengthen these when running on trials. The amount of opportunity to roll your ankle on a trail is significant, so strengthening the joint is a hug benefit. Cyclists use tape to strengthen their Achilles, and reduce the strain put on these during rides.

SPORTTAPE really can be used to prevent injuries occurring, and you'll continue to see people using tape as a prevention method to improve their performance in the long run.

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