May 03, 2017 2 min read

Since 2012 SPORTTAPE has been helping medical practitioners, physics, clinicians, athletes and many other people in between play at their best and recover from injury. And since 2015, thanks to our partners Life World Medical Supplies, SPORTTAPE has been doing the same for the athletes and practitioners of the United Arab Emirates.    This past weekend, after nearly a year of organisation, we were finally able to bring the SPORTTAPE ACADEMY to the UAE for the first time. Taking place in one of Abu Dhabi's finest hospitals our first attendees ranged from physiotherapists to spinal rehab experts and occupational therapists, all eager and keen to expand their taping knowledge. 

Instructor Patrick Harding was on fine form as always, drawing from his huge wealth of taping experience to showcase specific examples of when he had used taping in practice. Taping 'rules' were challenged, such as the common but (in our opinion) incorrect theory that taping from origin to insertion affects a muscle in a different way to insertion to origin, and ideas of how tape colour can affect athlete psychology (even though there is absolutely no difference besides the colour between tapes). Some of the advanced applications in the afternoon created new and exciting discussions, especially around how Zinc Oxide Tape can be used in conjunction with Kinesiology Tape for the most effective taping applications, which were brand new for everyone in the room.

We are very much looking forward to being back in the UAE in the near future for the next SPORTTAPE ACADEMY course: our Combined Taping Course which uses both traditional and Kinesiology tape for maximum efficacy in sports taping. SPORTTAPE ACADEMY courses run all over the UK, check out all of our current courses here.


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