Talking Tape with Shawnika Sergeant

August 08, 2016 2 min read

We love working with some of the UK's finest sports therapists. To try and give you a little more insight into how SPORTTAPE is being used around the country, we're going to be taking 5 minutes out to talk to some of the professionals using SPORTTAPE, and pick their brains on how they get the most from our tape.

Today we're chatting to Shawnika from Up & Running Sports Therapy Clinic in Bristol.

Up & Running Sports Therapy Clinic


How long have you been using SPORTTAPE as a product in Up & Running?

I have been using SPORTTAPE for three years in Up & Running Sports Therapy Clinic after taking part in one the SPORTTAPE Academy taping courses back in 2013. It is by far the best product I have used since training and graduating from university. The product stickiness is great! My patients can’t believe how long the tape stays on after application, even when they are taking part in sports activities and when the tape has been in contact with water.

Do you have a SPORTTAPE application that is most popular with clients and why?

The most popular SPORTTAPE applications in the clinic are calves, lower back and knees. During the running season I attend to a lot of calf injuries and knee pain. I also apply the calves and knee applications to my patients who are going through their adolescent stage. Lower back pain application eases tension when my patients come into the clinic with muscles spasms, due to weakness surrounding the lower back.
Kinesiology Taping for Knee Pain   Kinesiology Taping for Hamstring
What’s the most creative use of SPORTTAPE you've seen?
The most creative use of SPORTTAPE I’ve seen was someone using a small amount of tape to hold their earphones in place during a run. I spotted this online and noticed the tape isn’t just for supporting musculoskeletal areas, reducing swelling / bruising and aiding with pain but also keeping our electronic devices in place as well.
Are there any different designs of SPORTTAPE that you would like to see?
I would like to see the England rugby rose logo or the England Football three lions logo.
Aside from taping, what are the most beneficial treatments you use in clinic?
The most beneficial treatments used in the clinic are; Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Massage Tool (IASTM), Sports Massage, Dry Needling Therapeutic Electrotherapy / Ultrasound and SPORTTAPE.
What is the sport you're most excited to watch in the Olympics and why?
I am always excited to watch the athletics relays, 200m and 400m. However this year I am looking forward to Weightlifting, Swimming and Gymnastics too as I enjoy participating in those sporting activities in my spare time.
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