Using SPORTTAPE for Blister Prevention

May 22, 2018 1 min read

I recently spent a day at the Likey's outdoor store in Brecon, Wales. These guys are experts in Ultra running, trail and adventure, and have some pretty nifty uses for SPORTTAPE beyond your typical sporting injuries.

One the main uses they have for SPORTTAPE is preventing blistering during Ultra or Multi-Day adventure races. Their resident ultra expert Simon explains...

"For us, SPORTTAPE is an absolutely essential addition to any ultra runners pack. We've used it for everything from muscle strains to repairing tent poles. Our most common use though, is blister prevention"

This is a twofold approach. Firstly, by using the SPORTTAPE Achilles application, you prevent any friction between the heel cup of your shoe and the skin on your heel, which without the tape can be pretty nasty when you're racing for 24+ hours!


The second method of blister prevention is an insole wrap. Quite often, the insoles in trail and running shoes don't have particularity soft edges, especially on the inside arch. Because of this, they can cause real irritation when wearing them for long stretches of time when your feet are continually sweating, or getting soaked from wading through streams. By sticking a strip of SPORTTAPE Extra Sticky carefully over the edge of your insole, it creates a softer and more forgiving surface that your feet will thank you for a little later!


Before and after taping the insole to help prevent blistering


We'd love to hear if you've used SPORTTAPE for blister prevention or if you've used any of the techniques above!


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