Adductor Injury Recovery Guide

 There is nothing worse than a niggly groin (adductors for those who are a little more technical) injury stopping you from training and with it being one of the most common injured areas due to its multiple functions it is crucial to rehab it well following an injury. The purpose of the adductor muscles is to mainly assist in pulling the leg in towards the body hence the ADDuctor, it also assists in extending the hip which is key during endurance sports.

With any minor muscular injury it is crucial to stick to the well known RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) protocol.

#1. Self Massage

  • You will need a foam roller and a bit of space for this technique!
  • Lying on your front with your leg to the side, place the foam roller across your adductor
  • Roll from the top of your groin down your adductor for 5 minutes to warm the muscle

#2. Mobilisation

  • This mobilisation is a tricky but beneficial one
  • Using a stretch band around your injured leg, straighten it and bend your opposite leg to stretch the adductor
  • Aim for 10-20 repetitions, it will be tough but build yourself up to it slowly

#3. Stretching

  • Stretching the adductors is without doubt the easiest step of this recovery guide
  • Sit with your feet together, using your elbows to push down on the inside of your knee to stretch the adductors
  • Aim to hold for 30 seconds before putting the adductor through a little more range, repeat 4 times.

#4. Kinesiology Taping

  • To apply SPORTTAPE to the adductor, first put the muscle on the stretch like step 3.
  • Cut an I strip which is the length of your adductor
  • Apply the SPORTTAPE with 0% stretch from the groin crease down towards the knee.

#5. Strengthening

  • Use a stretch band to begin to strengthen the adductors following injury
  • Place the stretch band around your ankle, under resistance bring your leg towards your midline in a controlled manner
  • Aim to build up to 4 sets of 12 reps, if you begin to lose control drop the reps as you will be fatigued

#6. Return to Sport

  • Once you are feeling stronger, double check with a medical professional and you will be ready to get back to sport.  

These are all just one off exercises, should you feel that you need progressions or regressions please feel free to get in touch with us on: and we will be able to get you back to full fitness in no time at all!