Hamstring Injury Recovery Guide

The hamstrings are made up of three muscles the semimembranosus, the semitendinosus and the biceps femoris. Agreed, they do sound very confusing, but it is actually pretty simple. They all start in the same place, with the semimembranosus and semitendinosus attaching near to the inside of the knee, whereas the powerful biceps femoris attaches near to the outside of the knee.

With all the confusing science out of the way, hamstrings are often injured during running as they are used to slow the leg as it swings through, and also stabilises the knee during weight bearing. With any minor muscular injury it is crucial to stick to the well known RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) protocol.

#1. Self Massage

  • With the hamstrings being a big group of muscles, using a foam roller will work wonders for tight areas.
  • It's common to find a lot of tightness around the intersection of the three muscles
  • The best way to work on the hamstring is to place your injured leg on the roller and roll over the full length of the hamstring.

#2. Mobilisation

  • Often you will stretch your hamstring but feel that it's not the muscle which is stopping you.
  • The tendons are often tight, so using a tennis ball under the hamstring tendons can help improve this range
  • It's tough but when sat with the ball under your hamstring try and straighten your leg 10-20 times, go as far as you comfortably can.

#3. Stretching

  • For hamstring stretches the best option is to use a stretch bamd
  • With the band under your foot, lie back and straighten your leg to place the hamstring under stretch
  • Try and hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds before trying to go a little further, repeat 4 times.

#4. Taping

  • SPORTTAPE for a hamstring is one of the easiest applications 
  • Apply the anchor of an I strip to the top of your hamstring, bend forwards with legs straight and apply an I strip with 0% stretch
  • If there is specific pain, use a pain strip with 50% stretch across the painful area.

#5. Strengthening

  • For strengthening we can use a stretch band
  • To strengthen the hamstring, tie a stretch band around your ankle and a table leg if possible!
  • With the band on stretch try and pull your leg towards your backside in a controlled manner, aim for 4 sets of 12 reps

#6. Return to Sport

  • Once you are feeling stronger, double check with a medical professional and you will be ready to get back to sport.
Remember, if problems persist please seek help from a medical professional. If you have any questions regards injuries please feel free to email us on: rehab@sporttape.co.uk and we will be able to help where we can!