Discover how simple it is to apply SPORTTAPE FLEX. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time (30mins before exercise). If you struggle with any of the techniques please just get in touch.

End-to-End Taping Technique

This is the most common technique and is essential to get right if you want to make your applications last. Tear and remove the backing tape 2-3cm from one end and apply the tape to the skin with 0% stretch to create an anchor. Continue to apply the remaining tape at the desired stretch whilst peeling away the backing paper. Finally, leave 2-3cm at the other end with 0% stretch for the remaining anchor.

Centre Taping Technique

This technique is often used to apply SPORTTAPE over a point of pain or around a joint. Just remember to always handle the backing paper and not the glue. Tear the centre of the backing paper and peel back either side leaving 2-3cm at each end. Then apply the exposed tape to the skin with the desired stretch (often 50%). Finish by anchoring either end with 0% stretch.