Lower Back Injury Recovery Guide

As you can imagine, the back in general is a very complex area of the body, so when it comes to self treatment, it is crucial that if you do not understand any of the exercises on this post, visit a medical professional rather than giving the exercises a try.

The main role of the lower back is to stabilise the spine and hold the body upright. As an athlete it is put under serious amounts of strain due to its involvement with the hips and is often injured. With the lower back working so closely with the hips, if any of the muscles attaching to the hips are tight they will put added strain on the lower back and vice versa.

With any minor muscular injury it is crucial to stick to the well known RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) protocol.

#1. Self Massage

  • Start with the foam roller on your lower back, roll over to warm the muscles of the lower back
  • Once the muscles are warm, aim to extend over the roller, this will allow for the foam roller to work deeper into the muscles
  • Aim to do this for 3-5 minutes before progressing.

#2. Mobilisation

  • As the muscles in your lower back run either side of the spine, you will need to do these on both sides for main benefits
  • When you find the specific tight areas place a tennis ball in the area and squeeze your back into the ball/floor
  • From there try and bring your knee towards your chest, repeat 10 times on each leg

#3. Stretching

  • There is a million and one stretches, but for this guide we will concentrate on the 'crucifix'
  • To do the 'crucifix' you need to lie on your back with your shoulders flat against the floor, raise and lower one of your legs to the side of you.
  • Aim to hold this stretch for 30 seconds before aiming to raise your leg higher, repeat 4 times on both sides

#4. Kinesiology Taping

  • Firstly, cut two I strips to run either side of your spine
  • Bend forwards and lay each of the I strips running up either side of the spine with 0% stretch
  • With the smaller I strip apply with 50% stretch across the lower back

#5. Strengthening

  • Like stretching, there are a tonne of strengthening exercises, this guide uses the 'Bird Dog'
  • The aim is to be on all fours and in one controlled movement, straighten one of your arms and an opposite leg
  • It is important not to drop your hips, if you do start with a single arm or leg first. Aim to reach 4 sets of 12 reps

#6. Return to Sport

  • Once you are feeling stronger, double check with a medical professional and you will be ready to get back to sport.
Remember, if problems persist please seek help from a medical professional. If you have any questions regards injuries please feel free to email us on: rehab@sporttape.co.uk and we will be able to help where we can!