At SPORTTAPE, we already supply and sponsor a number of teams & events and we may be interested in sponsoring yours. We're flattered to receive a huge number of requests for sponsorship, however we are only able to work with a fraction of them purely because of budget & time. We'd love to help more! 

Group/Event Sponsorship

We will happily consider supplying product sponsorship for any sporting event and if we can’t provide free product support for your event we are happy to offer our “SPORTTAPE special” discounted pricing on all of our products that you may wish to purchase. In order to be considered for SPORTTAPE sponsorship, we want to know more about your event so please get in-touch at: info@sporttape.co.uk 

PLEASE NOTE: Proposals for event sponsorship must be received a minimum of 2 months prior to the event.

Athlete/Individual Sponsorship

We receive a huge number of personal sponsorship requests, unfortunately far more then we can fulfill. So we have pulled together a list of criteria in order to help. We do require all requests to provide the required information, without this unfortunately we will be unable to process your request. We offer product sponsorship to athletes via varying levels of product discounts and podium/editorial bonuses. We look for good athletes who will actively promote SPORTTAPE in their athletic community through personal referrals and retail encouragement, not just race results!

PLEASE NOTE: We will not process an application if you have not used our products, we want athletes who are passionate about our brand and have experience using SPORTTAPE products to achieve results. You must only use SPORTTAPE kinesiology tape products, if you have sponsorship from other brands in our category do not submit an application.

Required Information

  • Information; Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Website
  • Biography: athletic achievements and your future goals
  • Explanation: of how you plan to promote SPORTTAPE
  • Expectations: what you expect from us?
  • A list of the SPORTTAPE products you use and your experience with them
If you are certain that you meet the above criteria please submit your proposal by email to: info@sporttape.co.uk