SPORTTAPE prides itself on standing out from the crowd. Not just in terms of our tape quality, but also in our attitudes towards taping. We're open minded to experimentation and imagination. It's not in our nature to overthink applications, or create theories on taping that don't hold up to scrutiny. Everything we do is based on our own experiences and those of our incredible medical professionals. Our Philosophy

SPORTTAPE FLEX has evolved from traditional kinesiology tape to suit the demands of athletes and the techniques and principles that we believe in. Suitable for the treatment of most common sporting injuries and designed in the UK we haven't made any compromises! As a result we believe SPORTTAPE FLEX offers unrivaled performance & value for money.

THE FABRIC SPORTTAPE Kinesiology Tape - Our Blend

Stretchier and more breathable SPORTTAPE FLEX sits comfortably on the skin, providing dynamic support and muscular feedback.

  • BLEND - SPORTTAPE FLEX is constructed from an organic cotton (93%) & nylon (7%) blend (latex free) to provide a perfect blend of flexibility, recoil & support.
  • UNILATERAL STRETCH - Importantly the tape provides 150-180% unilateral stretch without losing shape.
  • TIGHT KNIT - A tight knit using multiple fine quality yarns to give superior performance and importantly prevent fraying when cut.
  • BREATHABILITY- Our tape is breathable meaning it can be worn for up to 5 days (we have known our tape to last even longer, although we'd recommend removing after 5 days to clean the skin and ensure the stretch is still effective).

"This is best kinesiology tape I have tried, really is sticky and it comes in some lovely colours. Have converted running buddies"


SPORTTAPE Kinesiology tape - Twice as Sticky as other tapes

Twice as sticky as traditional kinesiology tapes! Our Standard adhesion is designed for light active rehabilitation or sensitive skin and our Extra Sticky™ adhesion, which is twice as strong as traditional kinesiology tapes, was created for intensive exercise and sport.

  • FORMULATION - Created using our proprietary formula our glue is hypoallergenic and leaves minimal residue on the skin.
  • WAVE PATTERN - Our wave pattern is more pronounced, meaning greater response, adhesion, breathability & less irritation.
  • ADHESION- Designed especially for athletes it can last through multiple washes, intense exercise and whatever else your sport can throw at you.

"I can't say enough about how great this tape is. Supportive while not restricting movement and provides relief to sore and injured muscles"



Unfortunately, regardless how good the glue is or how premium the fabric, neither count for anything without the correct application! That's why we've created easy to follow user guides, videos & offer a hands-on training course for professional users. If you have any questions about how to apply SPORTTAPE FLEX please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Here's our taping mantra:


  • Fully assess what you want to tape. If you're unsure, get a professional opinion.
  • What needs supporting & protecting?
  • What's the best taping technique to use for your injury? No stretch? Stretch?
  • Do I actually need tape?
  • Remember, tape is not a substitute for rehab, but it can help as a part of the puzzle.